*   1. A Multifactorial Gene Expression Approach to Addressing Body Appearance Aging

*   2. A PCR-Based Screen to Identify Natural Compounds with the Ability to Influence NRF2-Mediated Transcriptional Induction of DetoxificationAntioxidant Genes

*   3. Association of Skin Aging Severity with Blood Isoprostane Levels in Healthy Middle-Aged Japanese Women

*   4. Hyaluronan Synthase 2 Antisense Transcript Level Associates with Human Skin Youthfulness as Identified by Transcriptome Sequencing

*   5. Identification of Unique Gene Expression Profiles in Older Women with Youthful Appearing Skin

*   6. So Why Don't I Look Younger?

*   7. Transcriptional Profiling to Identify Genes Controlling Human Skin Aging

*   8. Nutritional and Genetic Strategies for Longevity

*   9. Biochemical Investigation and Gene Analysis of equol A Plant and Soy-Derived Isoflavonoid with Antiaging and Antioxidant Properties with Potential Human Skin Applications

*   10. Epigenetic Modulation of Skin Equivalents by Cosmetic Ingredients

*   11. Systems Biology of Aging in Four Species

ageLOC Me 相关研究

*   12. A Key Strategy to Support the Evolution of Personalized Skin Care

*   13. ageloc Me Clinical Bulletin
【ageLOC Me临床实证】

ageLOC Spa 系列相关研究

*   14. Microcurrent Skin Treatment Outperforms a Standard Retinol Topical in the Treatment of Cellulite Skin Topography

*   15. L.digitata Influences the Expression of Genes Related to Vasculature and May Therefore be Beneficial For Improving the Appearance of Cellulife

*   16. Laminaria Digitata Extract Influences Gene Expression Related to Adipogenesis and Lipolysis

*   17. An Instrument-Applied Topical Product Affects Skin Microvasculature and May Therefore Be Beneficial for Improving the Appearance of Cellulite

*   18. A Single Center, 4-week Split-Face Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of ageLOC Elements Regimen and ageLOC Future Serum When Used Alone and in Conjunction with the Galvanic Spa Unit in Females

*   19. Gene and Epigenetic Expression on Patterns of Same-Genome Skin Equivalent Constructs Exposed to Single and Combinations of Cosmetic Active Ingredients

ageLOC 焕新系列相关研究

*   20. Influencing the Expression of Genes Associated with Skin Inflammation by Combing Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract and Schizandra Chinese Fruit Extract – An in Vitro Analysis

*   21. Narcissus Tazetta and Schizandra Chinensis to Regulate ‘Youth Gene Clusters’—An In vitro Analysis

*   22. New Skin Benefits Identified for White Willow Bark Extract

*   23. Regulating the Expression of Gens Associated with the Synthesis and Maintenance of Dermal Hyaluronan and Barrier Lipids via Topical Treatment of Salicin- An In Vitro Analysis

*   24. Salicin Reduces the Expression of Genes Associated with Skin Information-An In Vitro Analysis

*   25. Salicin Regulates the Expression of Functional ‘Youth Gene Clusters’ to Reflect a More Youthful Gene Expression Profile

ageLOC 精油系列相关研究

*   26. A Design Strategy for Comprehensive Quality Control of Botanicals

*   27. Assessment of Jasmine Essential Oils on Skin Equivalents

ageLOC TFEU 相关研究

*   28. Targeting Genes Related to Skin Firmness—An In-vitro Approach

*   29. ageLOC TFEU Technical Bulletin
【ageLOC TFEU临床实验】

ageLOC TR90 相关研究

*   30. A Weight Management Program, Including a Blend of Natural Compounds, Facilitates Weight Loss in Overweight Men and Women A Pilot Study

*   31. An In Vitro Method for Identifying Agents with Lipofilling-Like Activity Parallel Assessment of Lipid Accumulation,Toxicity and Gene Expresstion

ageLOC R2 相关研究

*   32. A Unique Blend of Natural Compounds Opposes Age-Related Changes in Gene Expression Related to Dysregulation of Cellular Detoxification and Antioxidant Protection

*   33. Effects of A Novel Dietary Supplement on Physical and Mental Function in Middle-Aged Adults A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Cs-4 相关研究

*   34. Antioxidant and Lifespan-Extension Activities of Cordyceps Sinensis CS-4 in Oxidative Stress and Aging Models

*   35. Cordyceps Sinensis CS-4 Restores Aging-Associated Changes

*   36. Improvement of Exercise Metabolism and Carotenoids Antioxidant Scores with CordyMax and LifePak in Young Chinese Elite Athletes

*   37. Transcriptional Biomarkers of Mitochondrial Aging and Modulation by Cordyceps sinenis Cs-4

Tegreen 相关研究

*   38. Tegreen Improves Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in Obese Rats
【Tegreen 对有代谢综合征的肥胖大鼠在葡萄糖和脂质代谢方面的改善】

ReishiMax 相关研究

*   39. ReishiMax Extends the Lifespan of Mice A Preliminary Report



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